Rapid Transformational Therapy

    about me

    Hi, I’m Lynda…

    As a Certified Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Practitioner and Mind Coach, I work with people around the globe, helping free themselves from a wide range of emotional, mental and physical issues that are holding them back from being happy and enjoying life on their terms.

    I first discovered Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) when I had hit a low point in my life and finally wanted to tackle head on, the issues that were hindering my life.  Although it sounds cliché, I experienced overnight how RTT can change your life . As a result of my own success, combined with learning more about this incredible form of hypnotherapy, I knew I had found what I wanted to do!

    I grew up in Ireland and spent over 10 years in the Middle East, living in Dubai and Saudi Arabia . It was there my journey of self-discovery started. Through RTT, I came to understand how events in my younger years had impacted me and led me to behave in negative ways. 

    I now realise what is important in my life, what I truly value and what I need to feel fulfilled. 

    However, that has not always been the case: There were many times over the years when I felt stuck and was not enjoying life (which seemingly looked pretty good from the outside). I was lost, had no focus or clarity around my career and didn’t even know what or who made me happy anymore.

    As a teenager, I had already developed harsh self-criticism and low self-esteem. After winning Miss Ireland,I felt a constant expectation to be a certain weight, to look and dress a certain way, for me to feel “validated” and “deserving” of the title. That, coupled with battling an eating disorder since the age of 16, failed relationships and the never-ending negative chatter in my head as to why my life hadn’t turned out as I assumed it would have, very often left me agitated, unhappy, feeling not good enough and alone.

    My professional background in Recruitment, taught me a lot about people, especially the hard lessons in not living a life of balance and being in a job that was unfulfilling. It was all about hustle, striving, pressure, comparison and judgement, which we know does not serve us well in the long term. 

    Relationships with therapists are based on trust and likeability. By forming partnerships with my clients, I am by their side every step of the way, throughout their transformation and desired outcome.


    We all have the power to free ourselves from whatever is holding us back, and to define & live the life we want. This is precisely what I’m here to help you with and make sense of all the things that don’t make sense in your life.


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